Monday, April 20, 2009

My Powerball Dictionary

PB - The Powerball

- Nano-Second technology CO, LTD. Powerball manufacturer
RPM Sports - Main Worldwide Powerball Dealer

RPM - Revolutions per minute, Powerball Rotor high speed measurement unit

HM, Phantom, 350HZ - Heavy metal NSD Powerball
LM, Raptor, Gold - Light metal NSD Powerball
PL, 250HZ - Plastic NSD Powerball
Neon - Plastic NSD Powerball with lightening LEDs on the rotor
Signature - Another version of Neon NSD Powerball
Techno - Plastic NSD Powerball with scores scrolling on the rotor while it rotates, has only 30s and HS modes.

HS, HR - High speed score measured in RPM (revolutions in minute)
30s - 30 seconds endurance run. Measuring number of revolutions made in 30 seconds
60s - 60 seconds endurance run. Measuring number of revolutions made in 60 seconds
90s - 90 seconds endurance run. Measuring number of revolutions made in 90 seconds

Endurance - Synonym for Powerball Strength Mode run

2H - Strength run with hands switching during the session
BH, Double - Both hands holding Powerball. Good for women and children
DH, Dual - Dual hand. Two Powerballs used for session, held one in right hand and another one in left
RH - Right hand
LH - Left Hand

UPC - Ultimate Powerball Challenge. The sum of 30s, 60s, 90s and HS done with one hand in sequence with less than one minute rest time between runs.

FUPC - Full round UPC. Sum of RH and LH UPCs done in sequence with no resting time between the runs. Left hand rests while right hand works and vice versa.

Marathon - One session of 1,000,000 revolutions. Usually takes around 2 hours of continuous, non-stop workout

Super Marathon - One session of 10,000,000 revolutions. Usually takes around 24 hours of continuous, non-stop workout

(G), Gripper, GT - The endurance technique where constant speed is maintained during the whole run

(E), Edouard, Edtech, ET, Burst - The endurance technique where high speed impulses are mixed with hand relaxations, invented by Edouard Kulik. This technique allows better scores in strength runs.

Akis - Powerball champion Akis Kritsinelis training complex, contains 15 exercises. Usually each exercise is done for 30s endurance with hands switching between the endurance runs. The whole complex takes 15 minutes of heavy workout. Number of revolutions is measured

Cold run - Usually run for high speed without warm up session

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  1. Thanx for dictionary.
    btw, will read your blog periodically.

    Would it ok if i'll comment in russian?

  2. No problem at all. You can leave comments on any language. Thank You!

  3. ok, then lets train a little my poor english)
    i've ordered NSD 350hz metal powerball 2009 from ebay. May you share your thoughts about this type of powerball? Is it best choice for the moment?

    I have to say, that my primary goal is to load my musceles and secondary to relax my hands. Thats why i've ordered heavy PB.

  4. bloodfeed, Heavy PB is good, much more reliable than plastic ones. It is heavy! But I would say that to grow your muscles you must combine PB exercises with some other kinds (like push ups, weight lifting, arm expanders). The combination will make you progress in all directions. The main goal of PB exercise is to learn how to control PB under heavy pressure, not just only get a heavy pressure, so you've always to be concentrated on technique first, then on the strength. Of course with heavier PB it is harder.

  5. 一沙一世界,一花一天堂,掌中握無限,剎那即永恆..................................................

  6. I thought this blog was about the lottery, lolz.