Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My brother left his Techno on my table

Yes, it happened just few month ago. Since then I am powerballing every day and I can't stop it. My hands just need to hold it all the time. "What is Powerball?" - you may ask.

Powerball is revolutionary (in all terms) hands, arms, legs, body exerciser which you can really take anywhere with you. Forget about huge machines and heavy gym equipment. Compact, yet most effective exerciser, which works even in the space stations where gravity is not present in any form, where weight based equipment is just useless.

It is addicting. Yes, why? Because your hands are begging for it. They need action, they need relaxation, they need exercise and it is all what Powerball just gives.

In this blog I will share my knowledge, my experience and my ideas about this great thing. We will talk about benefits, common problems and solutions.
I will put here useful links, software and multimedia materials. We will discuss exercising plans, programs, techniques, progress and achievements.

So, Welcome to my Powerball Blog!