Monday, March 30, 2009

What is powerballing about?

That is may be the main question for all people which have seen, held or spun this thing. Many will say it is about power, strength. Some will say that it is about technique, direction, vibration. Some say endurance, some impulse.

Well, here is my version and my vision. Powerballing is about singing. It is about hitting the high note. Yes, it is about frequency, and as you sing the song the same way you are powerballing. The nature of singing and powerballing is very much the same. Hitting higher note, yes you need a strength, technique, and... yes, you need the talent.

Put it in your mind, try to reach higher notes, not the speed, and you will see improvements, you will feel it and you will understand it better.

Sing your Powerball songs, my friends.



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  1. Сталкивался с этим же, чтоб взять планку в 12к в своё время. Тут что-то вроде эффекта "освободи свой разум" из Матрицы. Не нужно думать о том как ты крутишь и как быстро раскрутить. Потому как мозг может ограничивать психологически максимальную скорость.